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WACE is a citizen group of all ages and includes parents, retirees, students, business owners, church leaders and government officials from South Georgia.

We promote clean and renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, and we oppose biomass incineration, nuclear power, hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), and gas pipelines like Sabal Trail.



Fighting Sabal Trail Pipeline
The best way to stop the fossil fuel industry (incl. fracking and pipelines), the nuclear power industry, or biomass and waste incineration, is to put pressure on those benefitting from such ecologically and economically speaking shortsighted projects. It is time to invest in renewable sources of energy like solar and wind!

Presentations on Sabal Trail Pipeline:
- Resolutions Opposing Sabal Trail
Make Your Own Yard Sign!
Put Up a "No Trespassing" Sign!
Fossil Fuel Divestment!

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- Sacred Water Camp
- Stop Sabal Trail
- Water Protectors in Florida
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Last updated on March 11, 2017.
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Fossil Fuel Divestment