Other Websites of Interest:
- Energy Justice Network
- Partnership for Policy Integrity
- Save America's Forest
- Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL)
- Dogwood Alliance
Insightful Biomass Documents (e.g. fact sheets, letters from doctors and medical associations):
Biomass Plants and the Issue of Environmental Justice:
Clips and Interviews on Biomass, Air Pollution and other Matters:
- Myths versus Facts (about Wiregrass Power LLC in Valdosta, Georgia / stopped as of June 2011!)
- American Lung Association Letter to Henry A. Waxman
- American Heart Association on Particulate Matter and Heart Diseases
- BREDL: Report on Loopholes in Wiregrass Power LLC Air Permit
- Biomass: Exposing the Biggest Rip-off in Gainesville History
- Health Impacts of Fine Particulate Matter
- Kunzli and the American Journal for Public Health on Air Pollution
- American Lung Association in Georgia on Wiregrass Biomass
- Statement of New England American Lung Association on Biomass
- American Lung Association in Massachusetts on Biomass
- Georgia Sierra Club Asks Valdosta Industrial Authority to Stop Misrepresentation
- Californian Children's Health Study and the Impact of Air Pollution
- Statement by the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians
- Valdosta NAACP to Congress About Wiregrass Biomass and Environmental Justice
- Florida NAACP Concerning Biomass Plant and Environmental Justice
Let nobody ever tell you that you can't stop a project that threatens your community and your environment!
- A GASP for Clean Air
- Center for Biological Diversity
1) Valdosta Biomass Incinerator?
- Breathe!
- Interview with Dr. Bill Sammons
- Letter by local Physician in Valdosta
- YouTube clips about Wiregrass Biomass:
2) Want Second Hand Smoke?
- BREDL: Second Opinion - The Medical Profession Diagnoses Biomass Incineration
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Annie's Stories
Fracking and Gas Pipelines:
- Fracking 101
- Stop the Frack Attack
- Groups in the United Kingdom:
1) Breathe Clean Air
2) Biofuel Watch
WACE Info: What is FRACKING?
WACE Info: The Sabal Trail Pipeline
- Split Estate (documentary)
- Gasland II (documentary)
Sabal Trail Pipeline Flyer
Be a part of our "GO SOLAR - NOT NUCLEAR!" Campaign!
(Check design was inspired by "Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation")
Info on our Campaign
Info on our Campaign
- Gasland I (documentary)
Water Protectors Are Fighting Pipelines Throughout the US:
- Standing Rock, North Dakota
- Sacred Water Camp, Florida
- Water Protectors in Florida
(Fundraising: Support the Sacred Water Camp!)
WACE Billboard on I-75 from (May 2014 - April 2016)
- Gas Pipeline Accidents
- America's Dangerous Pipelines
- 30-years of Accidents Mapped